Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Marriage

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Register to read the introduction… In such extreme case Lewis vs. Harris, matter of children’s benefits extends into same-sex marriage. In “Lewis vs. Harris: Essay on a Settled Question and an Open Question” published in the Rutger's Law Review, attorney David S. Buckel argued the marriage equality for homosexual families. He justified the civil right toward the freedom to marry for same sex-couples. In the central argument for same-sex marriage, New Jersey Supreme Court recognizes that the ideal environment for children to grow up is inside loving and nurturing families (Buckel, 2007). Buckel also indicates a suggestion that “sexual orientation” or “biology” is not the most crucial factor to help parents bond with children, but otherwise “love and attention” (2007). In modern perspective, the traditional concept of family does not simply focus on sexual orientation. In “What is Marriage,” Wolfson (2007) remarks a notion. As long as a couple committed to each other and they can create a happy family, it does not matter about heterosexual or same-sex marriage anymore. However, what makes children suffer is that committed same-sex couples cannot afford to have the same rights and benefits as married opposite-sex couples. Children of same-sex parents will not benefit from security provided by marriage to their families: “The children of unmarried couples are denied the guarantee of child support and an automatic legal relationship to both parents” (Wolfson, 2007, p.107). Children should never be denied any rights or benefits based on the family where they grow …show more content…
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