Argumentative Essay On Race And Class

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INTRODUCTION Education is one of the best ways to improve your financial situation and rise from poverty. Through education, you learn necessary skills for going the workforce and becoming successful in the modern world. As well, you get the opportunity to expand your mind and explore ideas and concepts different from your own. People go to school to gain a job to make money to live a good life. We all grow up with the ideas of The American Dream, the idea that anything’s possible if you work hard, but in reality, it’s just not true. In the United States, we have a large disparity in the level of education our youth receives. Race and class both play a crucial role in this large inequality. There have been attempts to help solve this issue, …show more content…
Even when they make the same income, white families have over twice the wealth” (Adelman 2003). This then further gives the resources to white families to afford outside activities for their children to help with things like sports, academics, and art. Having the financial ability to assist with these aspects of a student’s life gives them the skills to perform better, allowing them to surpass those who aren’t awarded the same abilities. As well, having parents with more fiscal resources might decrease the pressure of a student to help contribute to the family through helping with younger siblings or getting a job, allowing them to focus more on their studies. This leads to inequalities in education because these white students have access to a better quality of education due to the fact that their schools could afford new equipment such as textbooks, technology, and other classroom tools that help facilitate learning. White students are then able to take advantage of these resources which make learning easier and more engaging. As well, because of the access to newer technology and facilities, they are able to become well-versed in skills such as computer programing which allows them more experience, making them more desirable for prospective …show more content…
There are many ways class contributes to this is issue such as the fact that local property taxes contribute to school funding, economic advantages outside of the classroom, and the contribution of the parents to the educational process. A discussed with race, class also affects where you live and, therefore, what schools you attend in lower and secondary public education. In this case, there is also a historical component when explaining class and location.
Urban inner city areas, once the bastion of U.S. manufacturing, have witnessed decentralization and capital flight since the 1950s. Frequently, what remains is a poor and often minority population increasingly dependent on low-wage and relatively unstable service sector jobs. Rural areas throughout the country too have been shaken by industrial restructuring, especially in agriculture, which has increased rates of unemployment, dependence on part-time service sector work, and family economic vulnerability Suburban neighborhoods, in contrast to the aforementioned negative scenarios, tend to be populated by educated, two-parent families and have lower rates of poverty (Roscigno 2006:

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