Argumentative Essay On Pregnancy

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Everyone has their own beliefs on so many different things in life. Some of those certain things wouldn’t even affect them, but they still somehow manage to judge it and have a certain outlook on it. These days something very common that tends to keep happening to young teens is the fact they are becoming parents at a young age. That sounds much better than a teenager getting pregnant. But either way it is said or looked at, it is totally ok. So many individuals have such harsh outlooks on the whole idea. Pregnancy is the idea of having a baby. Therefor, no matter the age the same thing will happen and every one has the same choices whether it is maturing and being a parent, adoption, or abortion (which could all lead to a completely different …show more content…
It was never honestly easy, but it was worth it. When it first came out that I was expecting a baby, so many people judged me, gave me disgusting looks, and doubted my ability to do things. Although I had an amazing job already, I was still thinking of getting another one just to be sure me and my child would be okay. It was my senior year of high school with only three months left until graduation, but regardless I knew that I needed to graduate once again to give my child on the way the best life possible. I myself do receive government help known as WIC which is a very huge help in my …show more content…
I was given more than I could have asked for. Anything left over that was needed, I was able to purchase on my own. My little girl is one spoiled little thing. If you were to see her, you would never be able to tell what age her parents are.
More importantly, now that my child is here, she is the only thing I worry about. Her needs always come before mine. I am a very young parent but I still do all that is needed of me as far as a parent. Not only did it help me as far as becoming the best person I can be at a young age, but I also met new people who are personally going through the same things and have the same outlooks on the whole idea as me.
This just goes to show the maturing that needs to happen, along with the fact that it is possible. No matter if you are a considered a kid that does very childish like things, or an adult that is in the partying stage much maturing is needed. For many people it is a parent instinct to do what is needed form you but many people tend to over look

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