Argumentative Essay On Pop Culture

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I. Introduction
Popular culture is generally recognized as the vernacular or people’s culture that predominates in a society (Delaney, n.d.) and is everywhere (West, 2012). Popular culture, better known as “pop culture”, had been affecting our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. It is over the internet, over the radio and over the television. Pop culture’s effect on the society is evident on the way people think and perceive things such as beauty, quality and societal norms—What seemed to be widely accepted before is considered outdated, “baduy” and ”old school” in the present time.
Along with the changes brought by pop culture, education is also affected. In effect, an additional challenge has been imposed on teachers—the challenge
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II. Body
Popular culture, being rampant in the society, affects the mindset of people in a way that it sets a standard of what is acceptable for the society. As what Genaro Gojo- Cruz mentioned in the PNU Mafia Forum, people from the higher classes are the ones that set what is good and acceptable through mass media. For example, people nowadays are fond of buying expensive things available in sachets at a cheap price and taking photos of themselves in expensive hotels and restaurants to show off over social media, because this is what people from higher classes, such as businessmen, want the public to go with (Gojo-Cruz, 2016). People from the higher class, who controls the mass media has now been successful in making people think the way they want them to think. Aside from the example that Gojo-Cruz explained, The Sun, an
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One notable statement that one of the speakers, Joselito Delos Reyes, said is that Filipinos hardly read and verify things they see on social media. He told the audience during the forum about the post he wrote on GMA news online portal about Alma Moreno, telling netizens not to bash her. These netizens just read the title and commented and shared without actually reading the article, which resulted to Alma Moreno being a trending topic over the internet in a way that he did not intend to. Delos Reyes also mentioned a fact that internet site uberfacts shared, stating that maple syrup has more calcium than milk. The thousands likes and shares that the said post received over social media just proves that Filipinos easily believe what they see without actually verifying it (Delos Reyes, 2016). Given that the Philippines has 44.2 million active users, ranking second among the countries in Southeast Asia with most active internet users (Asia Digital Marketing Association, 2015), it is no longer a question why information online is easily accessed and spread quickly. With this number of people who are at risk of being fooled by a post that masks itself as a reliable source, it is evident that the danger it could offer is far more than we can imagine. It can lead Filipinos into believing lies and cause unnecessary conflicts, just like what happened

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