The Pros And Cons Of Poor Child Care

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What if you were sitting in an office and you were told your child was mentally ill, committed a crime, or had been expelled? How would you feel? This happens to many parents around the globe who believe that their children were raised correctly. What was done to cause this? In many cases, the answer is simple: poor child care. Even though poor child care is an opinion based on who views it, it does lead to struggle in later life because scientific proof shows that mental illness can form and children can get kicked out of the classroom due to communication issues. A child that was plagued with poor child care by his or her caretaker has a high chance of developing mental illnesses later down the line. According to the article “Early Childhood …show more content…
As a child grows, it is the parental figure’s responsibility to help the child manage his or her anger (Morse). Without this help, a child can have terrible anger issues that can lead to many problems when interacting with other children his or her age. In Karen Stevens article “Adults Should Behave Ethically to Be Good Role Models for Children” she testifies if a parental figure shows behavior that would be harmful in social environments, the children would mimic these actions and not know any better. Parents who argue a lot have a high chance of having their children be the same way: conflicts create poor examples for a child. Children learn from what they see, not what they are told, this is why the phrase “actions speak louder than words” is so important. If you were to tell someone “do not cheat on your test” and then they see you cheating on your test and get away with it, you can only expect that person will cheat on their next test using the same strategy you did. The viewing of bad examples leads to underdeveloped communication skills in children that can lead to conflicts at school and other social

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