Pg 13 Movie Button Analysis

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In the United States once a kid becomes a teen they are allowed to watch PG-13 movies without having parental guidance. Muslim mothers have a different rule for their kids watching PG-13 movies or even any Muslims watching TV. Muslims believe that TV is a dangerous device and it has harmful effects. This issue is discussed in the satirical article “Apple TV For Muslim Mothers To Include ‘Fast Forward Through Entire PG-13 Movie’ Button” by Hamza Khan and a more straight forward news article “The Problem With PG-13 Rated Films” by Dr. Peggy Drexler. The issue in both texts is not being able to skip over parts that aren’t appropriate for kids in a PG-13 movie. For this topic, the news article is more effective in reaching the audience’s attention. …show more content…
“Reliable studies indicate that Muslim mothers regularly fast forward ten minutes past the end of a kissing scene. With this button, Muslim mothers won’t be obligated to worry about whether or not the ‘haram’ part has ended; they can just fast forward to the credits.” (Khan). The appeal to emotion in the serious article is when a parent whose name is Eli and his kid whose name is Jack had been watching a series of a movie that was PG-13 at their home, but Eli had the privilege to skip over parts and then Jack wanted to see the new movie that came out from the series. Eli wasn’t worried because they’ve seen all the other ones and when they were watching it, he noticed that it was more violent, and he couldn’t do anything. “So, when Jack asked if they could go see Iron Man 3 in the theater, Eli didn’t really hesitate. It was rated PG-13 but, then, so were the others. And yet it was, Eli said later, perhaps the worst decision he’d made as a parent in quite some time.” (Drexler). This evidence shows emotion because Eli, who was the father felt horrible after Jack asked if they could leave, still Jack had nightmares afterwards. Both articles had the same intention of parents being worried about their kids. In contrast, the serious article provided the outcome of what happens when kids watch a PG-13 movie, which makes it more

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