Argumentative Essay On Pets

“Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for all life.” This is a famous quote by the famous American actor James Cromwell who acted in Star Trek and was the son of John Cromwell. This quote relates to a life-changing event in my life when I learned that sometimes pets help us realize that we have responsibility to this world.
Two years ago on a hot summer day, we were just about ready to go. My dad, mom and sister named Celina were all wearing hot summer clothes right outside my house next to my mom’s car. Yesterday, my mom surprised me by revealing that we were going to get a cat. She had explained to us that we were going to go to an animal shelter to go pick one.
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Celina repeatedly shouted out in delight or disgust as she ran on ahead. As I walked on I laid my eyes on a small grey kitten peacefully sleeping on the floor. My sister came back and squealed, “Awwww, its so cute!”
My mom and dad walked over and asked us if we wanted this one.
“Sure, why not?,” I answered.
We called Rosanna over and told her that we wanted the small grey kitten.
“Good choice,” she told us. “That little guy right there is a mini persian cat.”
Rosanna walked over with some keys and unlocked the cage. She gently picked up the small cat and brought it over to the desk. It slowly opened its eyes and looked at us with big black and yellow eyes. She took a cage with a handle and lowered the kitten inside. It stood on its four paws and slowly stretched its legs. It walked around and curled up again, fast asleep.
We took the cage back to the counter as Rosanna told my parents how to take care of a pet.
“That should be $350 please. Swipe here,” said Rosanna.
As our parents payed for the kitten, I walked over to the cage slowly looking at it. It had grey and white fur, short small legs, and big eyes.
My mom walked over and asked “Do you want to carry
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I picked up the cage by the handle. It felt surprisingly heavy for a small fluffy kitten He woke up and meowed as we all walked out the shelter.
I tried to move the cage as little as I could as the kitten continued to meow.
“Meow! Meow!” my sister imitated.
We put the cage down on the middle seat in the back and drove home with the kitten meowing all the way home.
When we finally got home, I saw my dad organizing the cat food, water bowl and litter box. I decided to help and got a scratch pad from the garage and also a cat bed. Its pretty tiring to set all of this up just for a pet, I thought. We got the small cage and took it into the house. As soon as we opened the cage, the kitten stood still, sniffed the floor, then ran out and hid behind his food bowl. While I walked back to garage I overheard a conversation between my mom and sister.
“What should we name him?” my sister asked.
“I don’t know, maybe after something” my mom replied “How about Mochi?” my sister queried. “It has a nice ring to it.” “Mochi. I like that,” remarked my mom.
Mochi. That’s a nice name, I thought. I saw Mochi walking up to me as he looked at me with his big, round, black eyes that seemed to lock on to me. He made a small meow and walked back into the

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