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Mind and body works in harmony with each other to maintain the balance of mental and physical health is what Hippocrates stated. He has been famous as the father of medicine and even today every person in the medical field is required to take “Hippocratic Oath”. While talking about personal health it has many factors to be considered, it is much more than just the diseases and its cures. Personal health is the state where you are at your finest peak with best of physical and mental state. It is stated by the World Health Organization, "Health is more than the absence of disease. Health is a state of optimal well-being." According to American Holistic Health Association there are 4 aspects that are involved in the whole of human
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Dr. Caroline Leaf who is a cognitive neuroscientist with a PhD in Neuropsychology, states in her research that approximately 75% to 95% of all the illness that we all face on day-to-day basis are the direct results of our thoughts on life. Dr. Leaf says that on an average daily basis an individual mind will have over 30,000 thoughts and if these thoughts are left uncontrolled they will create the conditions for illness. Her research also confirms that just a thought of fear itself can trigger more than 1400 chemical responses. Which will activate more than 30 distinctive hormones in our body. (Dr. Leaf) Norman Doidge says, “Brain is part of the Physical Body and that is why it is controlled by Mind.” (BOOK Norman Doidge, The Brain That Changes Itself) He proves that it is the Mind who has the control over your physical body. So it is very important to consider mind while thinking about treating the physical body. From the evidence provided by Doidge in his book, Mind controls the matter. So he believes that that “Thinking/Thoughts” is an activity that is controlled by Mind we can say that it affects the Brain on various levels. He says that there is a direct relationship between the thoughts and Brain. (BOOK)Positive/Negative thoughts can affect the brain at systemic, functional, chemical, electromagnetic, molecular, …show more content…
“Every living organism on our planet is surrounded with energy in form of the signal environment.” (J. Lipkova, J. Cechak, 2005) Biomedical researcher believes that these energies are the by products of chemical reaction taking place in our bodies and they do not include these energy into the functioning process of the body. While on the other hand the researcher that works and believes in energy healing not only use the energy emitted by the human being into the healing process but they also believe that it can be used to regulate the human functioning. (Dr. Glen Rein, 1992) There are many forms of energy healing performed all over the world. These therapies are called “Biofield Therapy” or “Laying on of hands” and it is described as one the oldest forms of healing by The National Institutes of Health Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. (NCCAM) In this genre of therapy the “healer” would place his/her hands into the biofeld region which the patient is surrounded by, but will not touch patients’ physically. By doing this the healer is transferring his/her positive energy into patients biofield region allowing it to be flowing through the skin and into their physical body. (NCCAM) There are many therapies around the world, which includes energy healing such as Qigong, Shen, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch. (Melike Demir, Gulbeyaz Can, Enis Celek) “Reiki”

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