Peer Pressure Beneficial Essay

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Peer Pressure: Sometimes Beneficial We as students in a dog eat dog world all thrive on fitting in. Some of us are the leaders of the group, and others want to fit in with the group. Whether we are a leader or a follower, we just want to be accepted. If we are accepted to the group, then we feel the need to act as the others act. This can sometimes bring benefits, but it can also bring turmoil. As students striving to achieve acceptance to the inside world of high school, we may not realize the effects that our day-to-day decisions have on our futures. Every decision that we make, no matter the magnitude, affects the lives of not just us as an individual, but of others around us. These actions may come into affect the next day or it could be thirty years in the future, but every choice plays a roll in our lives. All of the choices that are made are influenced by someone or something. There are many cases of negative peer pressure, but that does not mean there is no such thing as beneficial peer pressure. …show more content…
Is peer pressure considered a positive force under the right circumstances? Yes, because if someone is afraid to surpass their fears, then they may need a little persuasion in order to get their. A little push to help them cross that line may be a burden at that time, but will be appreciated one day in the future. If I review the knowledge I gained from “The Queen Bee and Her Court” by Rosalind Wiseman, it helps me realize the fact that peer pressure can come in so many different ways and different ages. Rosalind Wiseman says, “from the sixth grade to the eighth grade, a girl can lose her position to another girl, and she can move up and down on the totem pole.” This gives me a better understanding that peer pressure is not just limited to a certain group of people. It could happen to anyone no matter the race, religion, or

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