The Pros And Cons Of Online Music Trading

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Since the beginning people have loved the sound of music and the emotional appeals music gives them. Once the music hit the Internet the songs slowly drifted away for the artist. Suddenly there had to be more work done other than producing the songs because now there are ways to find the songs and download them onto consoles without the consent of the artist or labels. Many artists all over the world have been put out of work and had to go back to the bottom in order to fight for their dreams. The trading of music illegally caused many rappers, singers, and as well as the producers to go out of work due to the low profit made from their albums. Online music trading should be approached more often because it leaves artists with less money for their music and it also hurts the music industries and labels. According to the article Online Music Trading it states, “In 2009 about 95% of all music downloaded was illegal making the small percentage left go to the artists and the music industry” (Online Music Trading). The average person …show more content…
The argument states the main problem of piracy, it gives a clear picture of the artist who are struggling to make music out of their hearts while others are tearing their dreams apart by a simple click of a button. In the cases of piracy it was said that many had been fined when caught pirating music. This caused many websites to shut down and also for many people to give a lot of money to the artist. Although not all the money was restored most of it was which helped the artists a bit with their music. LL Cool J was in a case that said that in order to fight piracy the recording industry must begin to file copyrighting-infringements suits against consumers and that promoted low-cost for legal downloading sites (Jost). These lawsuits helped the artist with gaining their money as I stated

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