Essay On The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Weapons

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What usually comes to mind when you hear the words nuclear weapons yes an extremely huge explosion that has a capacity to wipe out an entire island and everything else in it. Although they are often associated with death and devastation nuclear weapons have a good side surprise surprise but the majority still believe nuclear weapons should be deactivated and hidden away where no one can have access to them.
A nuclear weapon is an explosive device that goes off because of nuclear reactions- fission fusion, or when two energy released causes an explosion. One of the most destructive display of nuclear weapons was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. It was in the event that people fully understand the strength and power
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10,000 warheads are in military service, while the rest is awaiting dismantlement. A nuclear arms state is less likely to be attacked by another nation even when it is equipped with nuclear weapons of their own. this comes from the fact that a good defense allows a nation to protect themselves well and to retaliate just as well. This results in more peacetime and any conflict would have to be resolved first diplomatic talks instead of an all out war.
Negotiation becomes the first weapon of choice
As previously mentioned, other nations would think twice before launching an attack on a nuclear-armed country. So when there are conflicts that need to be re solved both nations would first resort to negotiating to reach an agreement or compromise as a way to avoid massive destruction. this helps guarantee peace for as long as possible. Nations without nuclear weapons would also prefer to talk first before firing weapons of any kind. In fact nuclear weapons are considered low cost insurance against possible aggression, particularly from large

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