Persuasive Essay About Nuclear Power Plants

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Atoms are units that compose everything from the cosmos and beyond. The nucleus of each of these particles is known as nuclear energy. Nuclear energy can be used to generate electricity as it must go through the process of nuclear fission. Power plants, also known as nuclear reactors, are machines that control nuclear fission and produce electricity. In Europe, there are around 185 power plants used, whereas the United States only uses about 99 power plants. Considering it has limited usage in several areas, it is clear that there are negative aspects about nuclear reactors as there are positives. Nuclear power plants should be used as our source of energy and should be built in the district because it will reduce pollution, it’s tremendously …show more content…
Nuclear energy is the only source of energy that can replace necessary parts of fossil fuels, such as gas, oil, and coal. This prevents massive pollution in the atmosphere which is something the community should support. Having coal power plants is extremely dangerous to the citizens and people, as coal is stored in uncovered piles in the area. Coal produces fly ash, toxic chemicals, and waste heat. By this, several near citizens can catch a case of black lung as a result of unsafe power plants. The rainfall creates runoff from coal piles and this runoff can impure land, water, and the water cycle in general. James Hansen in the video, James Hansen on Nuclear Energy states, “It hasn’t been compared with the effects that you will get from burning coal.” Switching to nuclear reactors gives clean energy, likewise it being reusable. The National Geographic Article on Nuclear Reactors explains, “They (nuclear energy) do not radically alter the environment around them.” This shows nuclear reactors won’t harm our environment anymore. Bruno Comby says from The Benefits of Nuclear Energy, “Our industrial civilization runs on energy and 85% of the world’s energy is provided by the fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas.” Coal power plants are used near double the nuclear reactor percentage in the United States. Overall, using nuclear reactors more and replacing other fossil fuels will reduce pollution and contamination in the

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