Smartphone Is Making You Stupid Antisocial, And Unhealthy: Article Analysis

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Mobile Monsters?

While the Globe and Mail article, Your Smartphone Is Making You Stupid, Antisocial, And Unhealthy. So Why Can’t You Put It Down?, makes some very interesting points, the reader is often left questioning its credibility. The article seems hellbent on sharing an anti-technology viewpoint, and fails to acknowledge the clear benefits these machines provide. The writer embraces many sources, but unfortunately leaves a number of them un-credited, causing the reader to wonder if perhaps the information is unreliable and/or inaccurate. At the same time, the article refuses to acknowledge human nature, and in some ways dramatizes the effects of mobile devices. The Globe’s article is one that, although seems to be attempting to open
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So Why Can’t You Put It Down?, makes some great points about the negative consequences of using mobile devices, but it fails to consider the benefits of the technology; leaves many sources uncredited; and accuses smartphone developers for the actions of smartphone users. The article, although well-written, focuses solely on one side of the argument; although they make some good points, the author must recognize that there are benefits to handheld technology; the lack of this recognition makes the entire article seem conservative, narrow-minded, and stubborn. There is a noticeable absence of quotation marks in the article, and a lack of credit to some ideas; this makes one wonder if perhaps the sources are not credible, or they are unfactual and/or inaccurate. Finally, it would be ignorant to say that it is solely a smartphone’s fault for a person’s behaviour, as the person chooses to pick up the device. Thanks to these powerful tools in our pockets, we’re smarter than ever, we have knowledge literally at our fingertips; we’re able to connect with people from all over the globe, and are more aware of others and the world around us, we’ve become far more social creatures; and as our smartphones, with their libraries of online-books, songs, and whatever apps we desire, make us happier, they ultimately make us healthier. In conclusion, your smartphone is making you smarter, more social, and some would even say, healthier; so why should you put it

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