Argumentative Essay: The LGBT Community

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In this day and age, many things are changing. The world is (slowly) growing to be a much more modern and accepting place. The LGBT community is more accepted than it has ever been before, especially considering that gay marriage has just been legalized. Despite the small changes that America has made to accommodate this marginalized group; many people feel like they don 't deserve right at all. Thousands of people think that the LGBT community is such a foreign concept and their default reaction is fear. It is ironic how so many people can feel like the thought of being gay or transgender is so entirely new because it 's been around for hundreds and thousands of years.

When I was younger I remember having one cousin who was gay and I was
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Leonardo Da Vinci would be one of them, the man who created the iconic Mona Lisa painting and drew the blueprints of helicopters long before their invention was homosexual. There is record of Machiavelli (Leonardo 's friend) having a diary that told of a boy that Leonardo was always with and the diary states that he often "goes to bed with the boy" even though Leonardo was said to be celibate. Leonardo was even arrested on charges of sodomy when he was 24 but the charges were eventually dropped due to lack of witnesses. This adds to the evidence of Leonardo 's homosexuality. For the T in LGBT we have Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt. Records show that she would have identified with the transgender community. She was known to call herself a king and wore traditional men 's clothes and even wore a fake beard. In her most popular portrait she is painted with a woman 's body but with all the symbols and the stance of a man. She eventually dropped any female part of her name and was known as Pharaoh Hatshepsut and the people referred to her as 'his majesty '. The people she ruled accepted her as she was and Hatshepsut is known as one of the best rulers of ancient Egypt. Though the previous sentences may give the impression that at least people used to accept the LGBT community that was not always the case. Take Alan Turing for example, on his website it 's stated that …show more content…
People have been killed, raped and discriminated against for the qualities they are born with. It is time for this to change and for once the world needs to be accepting of attributes that may be unfamiliar and frightening. The root of fear is ignorance and if there was more educational inclusion for the LGBT community instead of treating like some taboo subject then they would face less discrimination. These people exist and it is time for the world to stop treating them like the red headed step child and begin treating like what they are: actual people. The world is full of articles, think pieces and books written by queer people. It is impossible to hide behind the guise of ignorance any longer. If a person wants to learn then the information is at their fingertips, literally. Every human beings as a duty to protect the rights of others, is is the unspoken rule of every person who poses a conscience. People who do not speak up for the rights of these marginalized people then their duty is being ignored. Now is the time for them to step up to the plate and give queer people the rights they have been trying to obtain for far too long. Cisgendered and straight people historically have been ignoring the LGBT community for centuries. I urge cishet men and women to change the narrative. For once in the history of LGBT rights they can be honorable and virtuous. So I implore them to

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