All States Should Legalize Euthanasia

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Legalizing Euthanasia “We control our entry into life, it is time we began to control our exit.” - Max Frisch. Euthanasia is a highly controversial debate all around the globe. Opponents argue that using euthanasia to end one’s life is morally erroneous and believe it violates the principles of medicine; proponents believe euthanasia is a considerate way to end the suffering of terminally ill people. With the legalization of euthanasia, many benefits could be added to this country. Bountiful amounts of people with incurable diseases will not have to live in the horrible pain that comes with their disease, current laws will not target these innocent people, and this country will become a better and happier place overall. These reasons prove that euthanasia can bring lots of positive benefits into this country and rights to the citizens in it; therefore, more states should realize this and legalize euthanasia. The debate on euthanasia dates back to the …show more content…
The benefits euthanasia could add are: many amounts of people with diseases that are terminal will not be forced to stay alive with the horrible pain their disease causes, laws in effect right now will not be aimed at these people, and this nation will evolve into a more positive, and better place altogether. Opponents still argue that utilizing euthanasia to terminate one’s life is morally misguided and euthanasia violates the ethics of medicine; proponents believe that assisted suicide is a sympathetic way to stop the pain of the terminally ill. The debate is prominent in America, and it is time that the government realize the pros of euthanasia and legalize it for the good of this country and its citizens. “We control our entry into life, it is time we began to control our exit.” - Max

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