The Keurig Opportunity

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The Keurig Opportunity
“Goodbye, Mom! See you after school” is a daily saying as I grab a Gatorade from the fridge on my way to school. Having little attention drawn to the amount of calories or sugars in each bottle does not seem weird for a teenager; nevertheless, a normal 20 ounce Gatorade bottle contains 130 calories, wow! I have never put much thought into how many calories I was drinking throughout the day. However, high school students at South Hamilton, not just me, are bringing drinks packed with hundreds of calories and sugars to school every day! The school should provide a Keurig for students to buy a warm beverage; this ensures students are drinking less than 40 calories per 8 ounces while giving them a few minutes to chill before
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First, what type of Keurig is it and what capabilities does it have? The Keurig K140 Commercial Brewing System which has many easy to use functions along with a removable drip tray for travel cups. There are three different serving sizes to pick from, 6 ounce, 8 ounce, and 10 ounce. However, students cannot use the 10 ounce option. This commercial brand Keurig is use to cup, after cup, after cup with each one brewed in under one minute (Keurig K140 ). Assuring a quick brew is important in a school where not a lot of time should be taken away from the school day, but where a short break is …show more content…
Over 500 different blends can be used in the Keurig; however, be careful for the school cannot serve high school students over a certain amount of calories (Keurig Beverages). These small k-cups allow students to have their favorite flavor like in Image 1. All students do to work the Keurig is insert a k-cup favor of the type of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, etc. into the Keurig and put their cup below the spout. Then they would close the top and in under a minute there is a fresh warm beverage. As for this, to brew a k-cup will cost $0.75, and their would be no profit since the extra money would be spent on other supplies needed to keep the Keurig running.
The Keurig K140 will be in the library monitored by Mrs. Krause as well as student council members. The student council members will be a positive impact on making sure kids do not mess around when they use it and will constantly remind kids to not abuse their right. Not to mention, the Keurig privileges can and will be shut down if misused. It will then reopen when staff and/or Mrs. Krause okay it. Students should realize that this is a great opportunity, but if not used correctly their right to it will be taken

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