Argumentative Essay On Karza's Suicide

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Based on gathered evidence and reasoning, I firmly believe that Mr. Karazai did not kill himself. Instead his son did and made it look like a suicide. There is much evidence to be gathered in this case. A piano was open, which is normal for the kinds of talents Karazai had, but the steel wires within were reported by police on the scene to be torn apart, and the illustration confirms this. Related to the wire is a coroner’s report of a “thin skin-breaking line across his neck with blood across his Adam’s apple”. In the illustration is also a full glass of wine on a table, a small detail that will be explained later. In his journal Karazai planned on “retiring for the evening”, which is a different set of last words than the normal “goodbye world” seen in most of these situations. Finally the position and size of the stool under Karazai’s body …show more content…
Karazai’s son murdered his father to gain his assets. I’m not placing him in the spotlight because I don’t want him getting money; I’m doing it because he was willing to kill for it. This son was the only other person living with Karazai and the only one to phone in the ‘suicide’, linking him to the scene of the crime. It would make sense that he murdered his father, for he is more than likely strong enough to yank out the steel piano wires and strangle his father with them, leaving marks confirmed by the coroner that mismatch with what a rope would cause. Since it was only himself and his elderly father at this location, it makes sense that the son interrupted Karazai’s drinking by murdering him. After the murder he needed to cover up the crime, so it was easy enough to put a noose around Karazai, hang up his frail body, set down a stool, and phone in a fake suicide. After this he expects to receive the assets his father earned from decades of playing, making him an instant millionaire. We have evidence, reasoning, and motive of this crime, making this argument of us framing him

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