Argumentative Essay On Isis

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Currently, one of the world’s biggest prominent topics is ISIS; word of the decapitation quickly spread throughout the nation, creating rapid and blind fear. The fifteen year old terrorist group has currently been infiltrating our television screens and social media with threats and vulgar decapitation videos. ISIS power and territory grows at a very fast pace, alarming many nations to the point of fear, individual who have dealt with ISIS are in their mercy , often reduce to begging. ISIS have increasingly taking over states and other countries to amount their life and knowns. ISIS had plans with great recent activities around the world.
In the year 2006 of October, al-Qaeda announced to a new sub terrorist group that
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The article displays President Barack Obama and Republican House Speaker John Boehner’s, conflicting opinions on bringing more troops into the country. Considering Boener says “We have no choice, if we don’t destroy them first, we’re gonna pay the price” (Al Jazeera), depicts that his fear, when considering the previous beheadings and other rumors of ISIS, causes him to come to such a conclusion. Taking into consideration that Boehner is the Speaker of Republican House, one can infer his beliefs reflect those of the Republican House’s. On the other hand, considering Obama feels the US assistance in Iraq is not America against ISIL, the readers can infer Obama is doing his best to not further provoke ISIL. Therefore, the readers can also conclude that Obama’s refusal to further anymore US involvement in Iraq stands for the same reason. A phrase that Obama re-stills is, “This is not America against ISIL.”. He follows up with, “This is America leading the international community to assist a country with whom we have a security partnership.”(Al Jazeera) in order to remind his audience that America is not playing the main role in the situation, and therefore, their involvement should not be too excessive. Furthermore, he had made it clear that he has no further …show more content…
ISIS has an outstanding impact on nations, as well as individuals even though the fighting might be thousands of miles away. Peter Kassig was one of the victims of ISIS, it’s influence gripped his family, reducing them to beg for mercy. Arwa Damon, the Senior Foreign Correspondent from CNN, captured a glimpse of the reality that surrounds the Kassig family, as their son was held captive by the terrorist group with his life in their hands. The Kassing, a Indianian family from Indianapolis, recently released a video to beg for their son’s life on Youtube, widely popular video sharing service on the internet. The video was released on the Festival of Sacrifice, a muslim holiday which celebrates god’s spared of Abraham from sacrificing his own son named Ishmael, in hopes to receive the same mercy for their son as Abraham received from god himself. Peter Kassing, now referred to as Abdul Rahman, is a soldier,medical worker who served during the Syrian war, and the founder of SERA, a humanitarian organization aimed to support victims of the Syrian war , was captured and held captive by ISIS since October 1st of 2014. ISIS power continually grows, and it affects many people as it expands it influence, unfortunately Peter was caught in the storm. Even though he served as a humanitarian worker to support the victims of the Syrian War, he was captured

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