Argumentative Essay On Hunters And Gathers

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Hunters and Gathers
Before we even had building and massive cities our ancient relatives live in tribes. There was a simple system of living, you hunt as a group and other gathers living supplies and everyone live to survive and no one went hungry. It was a mass group effort to stay alive and be strong. Somewhere down the line we lost that connection to help each other’s out. We have gave up on all bands that hold us and now rely on self-worth. Only a handful of people try to make sure everyone on this earth get a meal. Have we as a society lost all track of being a group as I as check we are all human. The color of our skin shouldn’t matter or a have any weight on our suggestion to help. I believe we should look back and learned from our mistake and try to correct them. We have 100,000 or more people who
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from today arts all the way back to the 600.b.c. No matter what happen art is a timeless piece from music, paintings, pictures, and sculpture. The art from the past is a like a time machine print. Art from the Egyptian gave us a look into the working of how gods and kings play a major role in their society. If you every look at an American dollar it has a pyramid in the back. That is how influential art can become that it blend into other society currency. Not only that art blend, but it can also shape an entire country. Like the master working of Geek art which shape today society like buildings, music, plays and teaching, even our own government can seem as a form of art. The weird painting on cave wall were the first signs of humans having a documentation of writing though pictures. We have come a long way from cave painting, and stone chisels. What will our art reflect fifty years from now? Will our selfie pictures determine us as a self-absorbed society or a devolution in the fine arts? The art we leave behind had already been consider history like vsh tape, big box tv, clothing, payphones and so

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