Argumentative Essay On Gay Marriage

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Deandre Hackworth
ENG 3:30-4:50
What about Love?

Texas has been going back and forth on banning and accepting gays. Texas has always been against the fact of supporting same-sex marriage and equal rights. The world changes every day and the different religion beliefs also still exist. Society has always changed throughout the years. The different generations have different opinions and outlooks on this situation. Even President Barack Obama has changes his view on same-sex marriage. Obama now supports the idea of same-sex marriage. Obama on May 9 says “he believes same-sex couples should be allowed to marry, marking the first time a U.S. president publicly expressed support for gay marriage” (Malone & Baynes, 2012). When Obama did this many
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Three fourth of the state legislatures must ratify the amendment proposed by congress and ratifying convention has only been used once for the amendments and under the 18th amendment limits the time on ratify an amendment. As stated in the article “About Gay marriage/ Same Sex marriage” on states “Same sex marriage is supported by many but not all. Interestingly, the controversy of homosexuality seems to be the main issue for non-supporters of gay marriage, more so than the issue of gay marriage itself” (2015) giving insight that not everyone feels the same about same sex marriage. To BAN same sex marriage does not solve any problems the world is facing today but this issue only makes things worst. Amending same sex marriage in the constitution brings up a lot of controversial opinions as to how someone feels about same sex …show more content…
constitution is very important that one should value. We can engage in the political process but having bulletin, signs, radio ads, and infomercials persuading the world that love is blind. We can also present a PowerPoint expressing how you feel about same sex marriage to convey where we stand on this issue. Having limits set on a particular group of individuals due to how they choose to live their lives make the world feel a bit of balance because everyone is not being treated equal. In Texas, the Houston and Austin areas are the most supportive cities of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered rights “while it may be located in a conservative state with restrictive laws, Houston itself is fairly progressive” (Lauriello, 2012, n.p). In fact, the Mayor of Houston elected in 2009, is an open lesbian by the name of Anise Parker. Gays and lesbians are discovered every day all over the world. Many people view gays and lesbians as if they are some sort of criminals. The Gay communities only want equality and have the right to live their lives like everyone else with no restrictions. This issue and controversy in Texas are no where near close to being resolved. Although, many people are becoming more accepting of same-sex couples, others are still too stuck on their religion to even open up to see the innocence in same-sex couples . According to Facts on Files (2005), “In reality, conservatives simply want to deny gay people equal rights under the law because of

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