Argumentative Essay On Freedom And Equality In America

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Freedom and Equality, the two most valued ideologies in our culture today, are always being fought over. Democrats and Republicans have been debating over which is the most important to our society today, but what they do not realize is that both are equally important. One of the most current controversial issues is gun control. On January 7, 2016 President Barack Obama made an executive order to improve gun safety. He has now made it impossible to purchase any type of gun without a background check. The Democrats love this while the Republicans are claiming that it is unconstitutional. Republicans claim that it is our second amendment right to bear arms and by taking away our right could lead to other rights being taken away. Taking away an American’s right is unconstitutional, so instead everyone should be able to protect themselves equally with their freedom. …show more content…
Barack Obama wants to make this country safer by taking away guns, but the NRA believes there are other ways to protect American citizens without taking away their rights. About a year ago, Fox News interviewed Congressman Trey Gowdy to talk about the gun issue. Gowdy does not support gun control, “...he may not like the second amendment. He can take that up with Madison and Jefferson and the fellows that framed it. If he wants to have a discussion on how to stop mass killings, I would be thrilled to have that conversation with him. But he is not going to run rough shot over the second amendment,” (Fox News 2013). Clearly he does not like Obama’s stance and wishes there would be different actions toward protecting American citizens. All Obama wants to do is make this country safe, but taking away American citizens guns is not the right way to accomplish

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