Argumentative Essay On Food

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These days, people live to eat; not eat to live. Having a balanced and pleasurable relationship with food is a challenge for the majority of the population. It is a challenge that most men and women have come to believe is “just how it is” when it comes to food but in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. As a culture, we have a bit of an extreme relationship with food, our expectations, and behaviors bouncing between two ends of the eating spectrum. Think of it like a water drop, only a drop, can create a recurring ripple. In this case, this ripple symbolizes controversies and problems, such as obesity, diabetes, food wastage and food coma. Having developed a deep affection for food since young, a part of me delved deeper to change …show more content…
Trying to get consumers to adopt more responsible eating habits it gives the readers a sense of realization to only take what he/she can finish. With millions of people from war-torn and underdeveloped countries struggling to find enough food to eat, the fact that millions of tons of food are tossed out every year by those who can afford it, can be surprising. But it is true. Food waste is a huge problem in developed countries and it is a serious economic and environmental issue. In a way, it’s a testament to the incredible progress we’ve achieved as a species by producing an overabundance of food to ensure survival. While we continue to make progress through technology to increase efficiencies in our food system and ecology, we’re moving in an unsustainable direction, with more and more food being produced however there is still some people who still don’t have enough to eat. This just goes to show how we take food for granted; not thinking about the people who are unable to put food on their table.

Analogously, the next two articles cover the impact of food on our health. Yet again, this is determined by the choice of our food. Making smart food choices boosts our mental health and physical health. Having a proper and well-balanced diet -are often associated with lower incidences of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. there is also a link between good mental health and eating whole, unprocessed foods. Yet again, not everyone is able to choose what type of food they put on the table due to their financial difficulties. It is simply harder for you to eat healthy balanced meals when you are

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