Argumentative Essay On Food Inc

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Documentaries like Food Inc. & How to Get Fat without Trying, really point out what a massive and severe problem obesity is in America. Sometimes you don’t have to try and sometimes you do. Normally, people like to try and blame the problem on someone as long as it isn’t themselves. Other times, it is actually someone else’s fault. When dealing with obesity, it’s a tag team effort. I think obesity is so problematic in America because of the willpower of the consumer, what’s being done or put in our food and food availability.

Throughout life, we will be surrounded by endless choices. Choices to make with family, personal choices, and of course, food choices. I will admit, it is hard to eat healthy. It’s also expensive. Regardless, you
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is a documentary that focuses on what really happens to our food before it’s shipped and sold to stores. Michael Pollan, who’s an author of books based on food, appears in the documentary several times. He makes an interesting statement about tomatoes being in stores all year …show more content…
It’s a shame that a majority of people are more worried about their money than that they’re putting in their bodies. Some may not have a choice though.
One last factor that causes major problems for a persons’ waistline would be food availability. I wouldn’t say that it’s hard to maintain a healthy weight when healthy foods aren’t aren’t around you for a small amount of time. On the other hand, when you’re hungry and constantly around bad foods, at school for example, sometimes you don’t have a choice. When this happens to you a handful of times, it’s hard to keep a nice weight. In an article about subsidizing food, the author, Jinzhu Jia, stated a very important fact that deals with what kind of food is being fed to us.
“Federal agricultural subsidies have provided Americans with high-calorie, low-nutrient processed foods that are less expensive and more readily available than whole grains and produce.

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