Argumentative Essay On Exotic Animals

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Animals need to be left where they are comfortable and are used to, they should not be removed and brought into a family. This would make the animal uncomfortable and nervous about what is happening, this could cause the animal to get out of control and cause danger to themselves, their owners, or anyone else around. Exotic animals may be fun and may be fun and may set you apart from other families with a regular dog or cat, but is that is not what is best, not for you or the animal.

Owning an exotic is very time consuming and dangerous. Owning an exotic animal is different and bold but it is also extremely risky. There are multiple reasons why owning an exotic animal is something you should not do such as the reasons Mia Lewis states in
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REXANO also states, “As in comparison, 45,000 people die each year in traffic accidents, 47 from lightning and 1,600 by falling down stairs.” (“REXANO Proves That Politicians…”). These fatalities are way more common than getting attacked by an animal, but these things will not be taken away. REXANO quotes Polly Britton that, “Animals are personal property; and we oppose legislation that restricts the private ownership or use of animals, or that inhabits free trade of any animal provided it meets Ohio Department of Agriculture testing and import requirements.” (“REXANO Proves that Politicians…”). These people believe that it is okay to keep exotic animals in the hands of untrained people that want it because they want to be the cool family that has a pet from far

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