Argumentative Essay On Evil And Evil

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As you look about the world, it is easy to see that evil surrounds us in abundance. From the simple idea of pain to agonizing despair, evil is in all corners of life that we face every day. When we lose something or someone close to us, many people’s initial thoughts are, “Why God?” They question how God could allow for something so awful to occur, and cause such misery. Many may ask, if God is an all-powerful, all-knowing, and perfectly moral being, why has he allowed for evil to wander freely about this world? And is the unprovable existence of God possible when there is clear proof of evil? Many philosophers claim that there is an inconsistency in the belief of God and evil, but theists claim that they can co-exist side-by-side.
The primary inconsistency in this argument is why does evil exist in the first place? There are various types of evils around us, from natural evils, such as death and disease, to immoral evils, in which one inflicts pain or misery upon another. Theists might respond that evils are the
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When philosophers question why God did not create a world without misery and evil, there would be no opportunity to create such a genuine connection. Rather, the connection would just be automatic and ultimately pointless and cheap. For example, when getting student loans for college, my parents explained their similar theory on education. They believe that if they paid for my tuition, my education would be worth less to me than if I paid for my college tuition myself. By paying it off myself, I would have a better appreciation for the hard work I have done and have more motivation to get good grades. If they were to pay for my classes, it would not be my money being wasted if I failed or dropped out. This situation is much like mankind’s relationship with God; the relationship that blooms out of adversity and struggle proves to be better appreciable in the long

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