Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia

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Widely debated, largely ignored, euthanasia has been one of the largest human rights issues of its time. This decision has been set up for the states to decide for themselves, although more than three-fourths of the United States condemn euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide as second-degree manslaughter. This act can be administered by lethal injection which is known as euthanasia. Or it can be administered by taking pills, which is known as assisted-suicide. There are thousands of cases in the country where there is no more that can be done for a person and they just allow nature to take its course. But what if nature taking its course is too painful or too long and the person is in a decrepit state. Whether it’s a states’ issue, thus essay argues that euthanasia should be legalized for the individual that is suffering and has a non-curable illness whenever the circumstances deem it “the best choice” to die.
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It will always be questioned as it is never completely certain if a person will regain consciousness or miraculously get better. But it will always be more certain that euthanasia is morally, ethically and the relatively painless act to do. No one will live forever, hanging on to someone that has a high chance of not returning to consciousness is sick for the person that is hanging on to them. They are giving themselves false hope and they are only putting more burden and pain on the patient. It is always a smart decision to make a living will when the person is physically fit to make this decision. It is better to end one’s life with dignity and strong enough to leave a good image for themselves and their family. Euthanasia has to be legalized in the United States to a person with a terminal illness and the best choice is to die. It is a basic human right and has to be exercised all over the country since this is the land of the

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