Argumentative Essay On Electronic Cigarettes

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If you receive your news and information from traditional sources of media, such as television or newspapers, then you have more than likely seen a story similar to “Electronic Cigarette Disaster: Child Wounded” or “Electronic Cigarettes Are Targeting Our Children.” News channels, such as Fox News, capitalize on the rare instances of device malfunctions, which result in minor explosions, and cherry-pick the scientific studies that agree with their opinion on electronic cigarettes. However, there is still a relatively small amount of information on the effects of inhaling propylene glycol, nicotine, polyethylene glycol, and vegetable glycerine, which are the main components of the inhalant of electronic cigarettes. While there is reason to be cautious of this relatively new product, it does have its benefits over traditional cigarettes. …show more content…
Some of the research suggests that there are harmful chemicals that are inhaled while vaping, such as carbonyls like formaldehyde, which can have many adverse effects on the human body. For example, one of the main components of e-liquids, propylene glycol, has been known to cause respiratory irritation and ocular inflammation (Arnold, 2014). Also, those who oppose the introduction of electronic cigarettes to the public are skeptical about the safety of the practice because of the lack of regulations in the production of the inhaled liquid, which are commonly called e-liquids. There is an attempt to encourage Congress to create more legislation that would insure greater quality control during the production of e-liquids to protect the consumers (Friedman,

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