Donald Trump Boasting Analysis

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Donald Trump’s behavior is extreme, to the point that he has essentially become a caricature of himself. Case in point is his relentless boasting. Recall what I stated earlier about self-focus and simplicity. Self-focused people are frankly...boring. Watching an unscripted speech by Trump is, for me, the equivalent of drinking raw eggs -- nauseating. Listen to him when he begins speaking. If he doesn’t immediately plunge right into boasting, give him a minute or two – it will come. It would be interesting to calculate what percentage of any given non-teleprompter speech is devoted to boasting. In Scripture, the phrase, “a mouth speaking great things”, is associated with The Antichrist. In this case, “great things” speaks of a boasting about the measure of “greatest” he sees in himself, not an intrinsic greatness in the words themselves.

After the tragic terrorist shooting in Orlando that left fifty people dead, Trump’s first words were not of the victims or their families, or combating terrorism. Rather, they were of self-congratulation. He tweeted, “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism.” In classic Trump form, he then proceeded to say he was not looking for “congrats”. (Oh! So that’s why he led off by congratulating himself!) Later that same day, he claimed he was just responding to the
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He was a self-consumed mad man.” I am no expert on Hitler. Certainly he was a madman consumed with a quest for power, amongst other things. But I do not get the sense that Hitler was known for constantly boasting. What separates Hitler from Donald Trump is that Hitler was a man of principles. Let me be clear, his principles were wicked, but they were principles, nonetheless. Hitler was committed to the philosophy of the “Aryan master race”. For him, it was about one’s genetics. Hitler was a follower of Darwin, an ardent racist, as the following quote from “The Descent of Man”

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