Digital Devices Affecting Interpersonal Communication

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Beep! Buzz! The use of digital media and portable digital devices are widely spread all over the world. Not a minute goes by without hearing some type of vibration or ring. The use of such devices have become a major hit in our culture. It has become such a social norm and common today that everywhere you go there is not just one, but multiple people using their cell phone. Digital technology has changed the way we perform our everyday tasks. How many times have you gone out and noticed how every person was carrying some type of conversation through their cell phone? These conversations are being carried out by many ways. Such as face time, a phone call, texting, or even through social media. Digital device use has become such a huge part of our human race and existence. First, I will begin by defining key …show more content…
Now don’t get me wrong having all of this information in the palm of my hand is very exciting and very helpful as well. Having a cell phone helps us connect with people that aren’t near us and even get help finding a certain location. Having all of these digital devices have helped us greatly in living a modern and up to date life. How is our modern day technology affecting our interpersonal communication in our day-to-day lives? Having a cell phone and using social media can be good but to a point. It can easily become a habit or even an addiction in some cases. All this use of digital devices has affects our interpersonal communications not necessarily in a positive way, but it has also made us more disconnected with our real-life. The use of portable devices negatively affects the way we communicate with others, we loss our connection with reality, and we get so consumed with our devices we forget our task at hand. Next time you are starting a conversation please ignore your phone for once and make a special connection or bond that will make a lasting

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