Health Benefits Of Diet Soda

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Do you want a healthy drink that will quench your thirst and satisfy your tastes buds? If so you should try drinking green tea or some vitamin water because diet soda is certainly not the answer. Many people are oblivious to what diet soda really does to their body. It has no nutritional value and may be worse than regular soda. People see the word diet and automatically think its good for them. Often individuals who want to lose weight start out by trading in regular soda for diet, not knowing that they could actually gain weight. Diet soda seems to be a great healthy beverage choice, but in reality it gives people a higher risk of having health issues. Although diet soda has no sugar and less calories, its also bad for every ones health …show more content…
An epidemiologist, Hannah Gardener, of the university of Miami conducted a research on the effects of diet soda. She found out that people who drank diet soda on a daily bases had a forty eight percent increase in heart attack risks compared to the people who don 't drink diet soda at all ( Boyles 3). People don 't have any idea of what they are putting in to their bodies, thinking that diet soda will benefit their health, but its really just destroying it. Studies show that women who consumed two or more diet drinks every single day were not only thirty percent more likely to suffer from heart attacks and strokes, they were also fifty percent more likely to die from some sort of cardiovascular event when compared with the women who never or rarely drink diet soda (Carroll 10 ) . This shows that its better to not drink diet sodas or drink it once in a while because if people do drink it a lot then they will truly up their chances of getting a heart attack. Everyone knows that soda tastes heavenly, but there is no drink is good enough to risk an individual 's life for, so be sure to modernize drinking diet soda. Then eventually stop drinking any, so they can lower their chance of ever having a heart attack. Researchers that went to the American Stroke Association international stroke conference in Los Angeles found that out of the two thousand and five hundred New Yorkers that …show more content…
In 2008 the American Diabetes Association found out that even drinking one diet soda a day gave them a thirty six percent greater risk of having getting a condition called metabolic syndrome,which contributes to high blood sugar, a fatter stomach and high cholesterol levels that can increase the chance of having diabetes ( Garber 2 ). Everyone likes something sweet and healthy to drink, but no type sodas can do that for anyone. Soda has no nutrition value in it, people are better off drinking water or even juice if they want a sweet taste to satisfy your sweet tooth. In 2013, American 's Diabetes Association conducted a study that found out that artificial sweeteners, make the body release insulin and increase glucose levels ( Delacey 2 ). Diet soda can have artificial sweeteners that can trick people 's body in to releasing insulin this event can increase the chance to having diabetes because the brain thinks its getting real sugar and releases insulin that is not needed. The last thing people should be doing is drinking soda even if it is diet. Both diet and sugar sweeteners consumption was linked with a high risk of developing diabetes, researchers found. But interestingly enough, when comparing diabetes risk between the diet soda drinkers and regular soda drinkers, the diet drinkers had an even higher risk of getting diabetes. (Garber 14 ). A surprise to many

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