Essay On My Daycare Decision

One of the biggest decisions a parent would finding themselves having to make is choosing a daycare. I can remember the very first time I took my daughter to daycare, I felt like I was being a terrible mother as I allowed someone else to take my screaming child into a classroom while I walked out the door. It was a terrible feeling. Surprisingly it was only temporary and she started enjoying her time there, and I enjoyed sending her on my days off.
That decision reappeared when we had to choose the right daycare for my son. I was shocked when the daycare my daughter was attending informed me that I needed to place him on a waiting list. I had just learned of my pregnancy and now I was placing him on waiting list. Luckily, I listened because my child would have a place where I had established trust. Not to mention I would get a discount for having both kids attend the same location.
Moving forward several months we learn that my chosen daycare waiting
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There was one daycare that had a space when we needed that would cost us $185 per week (5.5% increase). Our options were limited. The alternatives were to wait for space to open at original daycare, however, that would leave little to no income coming in, hire a babysitter which we found were just as expensive ($180 weekly), or let grandparents keep kids, which was not an option considering they lived out of state and we did not want to see baby only on weekends.
Our text states, “The length of time period used in measuring the price elasticity affects the magnitude of price elasticity (Thomas & Maurice, 2010).” Because I would be returning to work soon I had no other options but to choose the more expensive daycare. In exchange, we started looking for ways to consume less. We cut our entrainment budget, we shopped when necessary, and we stopped eating

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