Argumentative Essay On Daycare

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One of the biggest decisions a parent would finding themselves having to make is choosing a daycare. I can remember the very first time I took my daughter to daycare, I felt like I was being a terrible mother as I allowed someone else to take my screaming child into a classroom while I walked out the door. It was a terrible feeling. Surprisingly it was only temporary and she started enjoying her time there, and I enjoyed sending her on my days off.
That decision reappeared when we had to choose the right daycare for my son. I was shocked when the daycare my daughter was attending informed me that I needed to place him on a waiting list. I had just learned of my pregnancy and now I was placing him on waiting list. Luckily, I listened because my child would have a place where I had established trust. Not to mention I would get a discount for having both kids attend the same location.
Moving forward several months we learn that my chosen daycare waiting list was longer than expected. I had to find other means of childcare soon. I talked to coworkers and took recommendations for substitutions. I learned that daycare centers can be pretty expensive and they all have long waiting
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She told me they had one space and fortunately it would be available the day I was expected to return to work. Yes!!! I went and met the staff and loved them. They were the sweetest group ever. Best thing they were half the cost of the more expensive daycare. Because we had a few more weeks, more substitutes became available. Our text states, given a longer time period to adjust, the demand for the commodity exhibits more responsiveness to changes in price – the demand becomes more elastic. The greater the time period available for consumer adjustment, the more substitutes become available and economically feasible (Thomas & Maurice,

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