Argumentative Essay On Common Core

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Genary Gomez Mr. Scheiner
English Period #4 11/21/13

Argumentative Essay on Common Core

“Without Common Core we (America) are not where we want or need to be.” The New York Times reported this in August, 2013. Currently, every state sets its own curriculum for its schools. The result is that the United States ranks “25th in math, 17th in science, and 14th in reading compared to students in 27 industrialized countries.” Without national standards, students depend upon the luck of where they were born or schooled to get a comprehensive education that will prepare them for life. If the United States is
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Math is math wherever you go, as long as you understand what the instructions are. My biggest problem came with English because it was my second language. I remember that in 8th grade, some parents refused to send their children to school on NY state testing days. The reason they gave was that Common Core standards were made part of the NY State tests. What is the implication?

Common Core Curriculum should be in place nationally. The standards of Common Core define what our country considers to be a good education. American (especially New York State) students are capable of meeting the standards. American (especially Frank Sinatra School of the Arts) teachers are capable of teaching to the standards. The standards are being rolled out in pieces; this year – Algebra, next year – probably Geometry and the rest of the high school math courses. The problem seems to be that the Department of Education hasn’t communicated to the schools and their faculty how to prepare their lessons. Nothing is consistent. Some students can even access test questions and answers to Modules I and II online! Are we being taught to cheat? This is not an education, it’s outright cheating! Will teachers or the Department of Education take down these questions and answers or will they remain accessible on the internet?

What are you doing with this outline?
I. Background
A) What is it? National review quote
B) Why people are against

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