Argumentative Essay On Cleaning Products

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Cleaning products


Many years ago, people had many simple and natural ways to clean rather than cleaning products, such as water and soil. Nowadays, people use different kinds of cleaning products to clean, which contain a huge amount of chemicals, and they use it more and more than before. Those people do not know how do these products are dangerous for them and for the environment. A few years ago, people started being aware of their problems. In order to protect ourselves and the environment, people must limit the use of cleaning products, and establish stricter regulation for them. There are many reasons to do that, first, cleaning products can harm the people health, also, they waste the environment sources.

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These include that fact that they contain many dangerous chemicals, and they are dangerous for cleaners, children, and the environment.

Dangerous chemicals
Cleaning products are very important for people, but the problem is that many of these products have a huge number of dangerous chemicals. In addition to that, companies which produce these products do not give a clear information about its ingredients. (,)
Furthermore, companies started producing what called green products. Products that claim to be natural or green, also can affect your health negatively, especially the ones that contain Ammonia. Ammonia can cause difficulty in breathing, and it can cause death. (Lung organization , n.d.)

Dangerous for
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The two most important reasons to do that, is that these products are very harmful for cleaners, and they can affect their health for short or long term. Also, cleaning products are very wasteful for the environment, because of the huge amount of sources that these products needed to be produced. This problem can be solved by waring people about it, and forcing producers to write clear information about chemicals in these products. In the future, cleaners and children will have safer and securer lives. Also, that will support our environment, by reducing the limit of the use of its non renewable

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