The Pros And Cons Of Existentialism

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The idea of walking upon earth without a divine assignment goes against the views of religions; such as Christianity. People come from various backgrounds were religion plays a huge role in who they are. Many individuals rely on their specific belief or faith to determine their morals and values. Without morals and values within an individual’s life; it leaves their life without structure. Now today in society there’s a constant battle between our souls and spirit. The soul consists of our mind, will and emotions. In existentialism carrying out your own will is the main characteristic which comes along with anguish in doing so. Christianity clashes with the idea of one’s own will because it believes that the only person who knows the perfect …show more content…
Existentialism rejects the natural talents which humans are born with because it expresses no matter how you will live your life; you’re going to die. Does this mean we don’t uses the gifts God has given us to fulfill our purpose? In Christianity, our purpose isn’t for us but it’s to bless another person. The views on Existentialism teach us otherwise to be selfish in a subtle way. There’s a thick tension between religion and existentialism; in order to follow out the values of Christianity, one must disregard the …show more content…
The mindset destroys the values, morals and for a believer. Christianity involves around purpose, destiny and faith; existentialism causes distraction from the bigger picture as a whole to fight for one’s destiny before Jesus returns. Otherwise, this Earth would be in void, but God doesn’t make anything in void according to this western religion. Pessimism is tied into the saying “live young, die young,” in a subtle way. For Christianity, it’s something beautiful and everlasting to fulfill destiny in order to not suffer from lack of identity or confusion. Existentialism hinders a believers calling to be successful in life. In order to break down the nonchalant barriers which existentialism carries, believers must continue to focus on their

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