Argumentative Essay On Child Beauty Pageants

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Register to read the introduction… First, a minimum cost of $545 to register for the pageant, another $395 for the maximum options of this pageants, an average cost of $655 which includes the formal wear, sports and dance wear, all those costs don't include travel, hotel, and food that nearly cost $200. In universal royal contests, dresses only can cost between $1500 $12,000. Parents are willing to pay all this money, although they know theid kid may win or lose. They prefer to spend their money on beauty contests rather than spending it on their kid's education, instead of helping them focus on their homework and studies, or allowing them to live their childhood, they are overpracticing and working hard on their poses for upcoming competitions. Parents in this case are betraying their kid's trust, a kid may only be aware of this when it's too late for him/her to fix the situation. Thats why parents must ask their child whether they are willing to attend the contest or not before taking any action regarding this issue, because later on parents are not the ones whose going to b affected from these decisions. Parents are also not allowed to force their kids to participate in contests they aren't willing to attend; kids should have the free right of choice. They think their kids are going to appreciate what their parents have done, but in the matter of fact they won't, because they neglected and underestimated …show more content…
Usually, before the contest in several weeks, those girls are put under great pressure, they practice all day and night, and stay up late for hours to learn what and how they are supposed to act on stage.
Sometimes they quit eating, becuase simply they have no time for them to eat, they're always in a hurry, this effects their physical health.
Those competitors grow up to think that they could only earn money by exploiting their bodies to the audiences, this idea isn't true, because they could earn money in many other important and respectful jobs, they could also have a successful

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