Argumentative Essay On Charles By Shirley Jackson

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The short story, Charles, by Shirley Jackson, is a fictional piece about the story of disrespect and unkind. Charles is about a kindergartener, Laurie, who often came home from school and share to his parents how a classmate, Charles, is disrespecting his classmates and teacher. For instance, Charles would throw chalk and yell if he dislikes something. Charles played was a big influence on how the class behaves. “‘...Charles had to stay after school. And so all the children stayed to watch him.’” (Page 2). When Charles did not respect his classmates and teacher, he influenced bad choices among his class. Since Laurie was sharing these stories to his parents every day, his parents were eager to meet Charles’s parents at the PTA meeting. At the …show more content…
Laurie lied to his parents to share to them her actions. As just being a kindergartener, he was not truthful, but it is commonly in many young kids that they lie to help themselves. Laurie should not get faulted, and terrible punished for hiding the truth, but, should endure consequences for his sinful behavior to the class and the teacher in the school. Kids may not have the best judgement when deciding to not treat their classmates with respect. However, if Laurie was older, she would have better sense to respect her class, and be truthful to her parents. “A preschooler will learn that it's not all right to eat in the classroom, because the teacher says it's not. If the rule is lifted and eating is approved, the child will happily comply. But if the same teacher says it's also O.K. to push another student off a chair, the child hesitates.” (Kluger, Jeffrey). This relates to how Laurie was not respectful to his kindergarten class, but young children do not have the best judgement. Laurie is rated the least evil because he does not show harmful qualities against humanity, like many others. He displayed troubling actions as a kindergartener, but is not most destructive in his

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