Argumentative Essay On Censorship In Schools

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"With censorship, things can get terribly wrong in the public mind"-William Westmoreland, a quote supporting censorship. Midtown International School should have a book advisory council to censor what students should read, students also should not be exposed to a negative reading environment, parents also would not have to worry about their child knowing something that is not appropriate for their age, reading things students will adapt to an abnormal lifestyle. If every school had an book advisory council, each student would be able to an appropriate format for each grade to read and what not to read. If every student had an format to what to read or what not to read they would not be exposed to an environment thats not for suitable …show more content…
Principal Clarence Burton the ||| deemed the article to mature for the for the Falconer's teen and yanked it from publication in March." Children in the Fanquier school were already trying this, and if Principal Clarence Burton ||| did not pull the article from publication, he could have never been able to know what the students are doing. From the principals point of view he should censor the newspaper, the yearbook, etc.. To prevent that from happening Franquier High School could have prevented that with a book advisory which would not cause student, teacher, and parent confllict. Principal Clarence Burton ||| was trying to prevent conflict between parent and school (and school board), and parents should not have worries about their children's not school, although some schools can make requirements flexible, "The same respect for parental values and the assignment of alternate books should apply when the question is raised as to the assignment of a book at a particular grade level. Many books are appropriate for younger children. Parental decisions about the maturity of their own children should be respected

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