Argumentative Essay On Car Shopping

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A new and questionable trend in car shopping has picked up momentum where people have started to buy cars online, without ever seeing it in person. I can't argue with the convenience of buying online and having it delivered straight to my door, but my personal opinion is that this can leave me open for too many scams. I wouldn't buy a new car online for the same reason I wouldn't buy a house online. Cars, like houses, need closer inspection than professionally taken pictures because they cost thousands of dollars, and a new car can cost you as much as $30,000. It's too easy for a scammer to walk away with my hard-earned money when I haven't looked under the hood and checked everything about the car. (-- removed HTML --) Even a Reputable …show more content…
For example, you could hire a mechanic or have a family friend who is wise in cars look at it. Many of these so-called websites claim to inspect the cars themselves, but once the buyer gets the car, he receive a vehicle with a lot of issues.

To me, personally, it isn't worth the risk because all it takes is a walk to the closest brick-and-mortar dealership to at least have a better idea about the car I might be getting. I look at it as an investment or protection of my money. Some things you can't tell until after have bought the vehicle. If I buy something poor online that cost me $20 and I feel ripped, I will get over it more easily than if I lost $3,000 over a bad purchase online.

(-- removed HTML --) Always Read the Fine Print (-- removed HTML --)
When you buy a car online, you should always check the fine print. Online dealerships like this will often write a clause where the buyer gets the car as is. Once it arrives at your door, you're on the hook for a long and nasty legal battle that could've been avoided. Go over the contract with the seller carefully and bring up any points you dislike about it. If they truly have your best interests at heart, they will consider your
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