Black Friday Negative Aspects

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Black Friday, a time of the year when everything is on sale and almost everyone is in mood of shopping. It is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. During Black Friday, the retail stores come up with many giant sales promotions and door-buster sales events. For most of the people the main attractions on Black Friday are the discounts on electronic goods and appliances. Other than that, people buy almost everything just because it’s Black Friday. They think that if it is cheap, it is ok to buy goods even if they don’t really need them. As a result of this misconception, there are both positive and negative sides of Black Friday. But analyzing all the consequences of the event, I think the negative side of Black Friday outnumbers the advantages.

I think events like this is a waste of time and energy. On Black Friday, people are seen lining up in front of stores all night. I have even seen people camping for days outside the store, just for a little discount on their favorite gadget. People don’t realize how much time and energy
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When I think of Black Friday, the first picture that comes to my mind is of a huge crowd gathering in a store, pushing each other fighting for what they think they want. In order to buy goods for less money, people go way beyond their moral behaviors. As I have never gone out for shopping on Black Friday, I haven’t witnessed it on my own but I have seen many videos and read many articles about the violence on Black Friday. The other day I saw a video where people were surrounding a box with certain number of LED TVs, just like vultures surround a dead animal. And as soon the employee announced the start of the sale, everyone jumped in to get the TV, not caring about how they were pushing each other and getting violent. Some people even got injured in the process. Also in the news, I saw that six people have already died on a Black Friday sale till

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