Argumentative Essay On Anxiety

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Some say it’s a disorder. Others say it’s a mental condition that can be easily helped. I say it’s a feeling that overtakes everyone at some point in their life. Anxiety is uncontrollable. There are options available to help contain it, but sadly it isn’t a feeling that a simple shot can make better. It’s a recurring nuisance that shows itself at the worst possible times. I try the breathing exercises, I count backwards from ten in my head, I think about something, anything other than what is causing me the stress, and yet I still sit there in my pool of nervousness wondering how you could have the audacity to ask me why I can’t calm down? It’s not something that I can wish away, and sure I can get a prescription for medicine to help reduce …show more content…
The feeling of always worrying of what could happen or what could go wrong is just the anxiety playing its tricks. The waiting game is one that can drive someone absolutely insane. Just sitting, waiting, hoping, praying that some news will come and some relief will be dealt. The unknown doesn’t just leave a list of possible situations that could happen, but a desire that one of the situations will happen. It leaves me feeling wishful and sometimes that’s worse than waiting for the reality of it. It creeps inside my head late at night when I’m trying to drift off after a long week. Anxiety is tossing and turning the night before an awaited day in a state of never ending insomnia. It doesn’t just make its way into my thoughts and ideas during the daytime, but into my dreams at night. It infects them like a slow disease drowning its prey in an ocean of horrible outcomes and dreaded disasters. It doesn’t just affect me in the present, but it distorts my realities of the future and everything I know of it.

Anxiety is chewed down fingernails. It’s a habit that occurs without realization that I’m even doing it. While my mind is consumed with the evil thoughts that anxiety bestows upon me, my mouth starts its chomping on my once pretty fingernails. The longer I fester in my anxiety, the shorter my nails
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Sometimes when the anxiety sets in I start to feel like an ape who has just proved its dominance to the others and is pounding away heavily at its chest. Although, the pounding doesn’t just stop there. It continues on through the rest of my body until I feel like one gigantic red, blood seeping heart dancing to the music. This not only affects my concentration, but it affects the rhythm of everything I do. Anxiety is not being able to breathe because of the enormous weight of my life pushing in on me, shattering my bones, suffocating me. Before I know it, my breathing gets out of whack and I’m starting to hyperventilate. I try to calm myself, but there’s never enough time. The closer I get to having to face my fears, the faster my heart races, the shallower my breathing becomes, and the harder it is for me to even swallow. It doesn’t matter what I do, eat, drink, or say the feeling is always there and it doesn’t subside until the cause of my anxiety

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