Argumentative Essay On Animal Rights

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Register to read the introduction… For instance, “when animals are used for product toxicity testing or laboratory research, they are subjected to painful and frequently deadly experiments” (Dunnuck, para. 3). Animals suffer when they are used in medical research and do not get to choose to be used in medical research for the better life of humans. A strong argument in favor of animal rights, involves around the premise that human rights, dignity, and the recognition of equality, underlies the ability of a certain being to feel pain and suffering. Thus, as Richard Ryder argues, “If we are going to care about the suffering of other humans then logically we should care about the suffering of non-humans too. It is the heartless exploiter of animals, not the animal protectionist, who is being irrational, showing a sentimental tendency to put his own species on a pedestal.” (Ryder). …show more content…
In fact, federal laws currently protect thousands of endangered species, and therefore, as a class, animals to some extent are already deemed to have certain rights and protections (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service). In fact, as Edward Skidelsky articulates, animals themselves, despite the various state implemented protections, are in many respects that animals are the last great "victim class.” (Skidelsky, pg. 2). Although Skidelsky eventually determines that the cause for animals rights to be somewhat uncertain, he does highlight the importance of human recognition toward animals as being a unique, special class, worthy of protection by

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