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An Apple A Day Keeps The National Health Crisis Away

America is the fattest country in the world. We love to eat meat and cook everything in a deep fryer. Our "food" is made out of chemicals produced in a lab, cooked on a conveyer belt, and put in a box. Most of our food won 't go bad for weeks because of all the preservatives we have in them. While we are preserving our chemical nuggets and enjoying our pink meat disks we are not preserving our health or the health of future generations. Buying food at a drive through has never been possible in past generations. Instant food and the ability to buy any fruit or vegetable even if it 's not in season is not normal. The human body was made to hunt and farm and work for a living. The sedentary lifestyle that most Americans live and the poor food choices they make is killing them. The United States of America has more preventable disease than it ever has because American eating patterns are so unhealthy and if we do not change them then the problem will be passed along to
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Our food and lifestyle habits have finally started to catch up with us. When the number one cause of death in America is preventable, it 's time for a wakeup call. These diseases can be combated and eliminated if people are willing to change their eating patterns. Instead of eating ice cream and cookies every day, eat it a few times a month. Next time you have a steak dinner, add a salad with some olive oil. All it takes is adding nutrient dense foods into your diet and you could avoid dying of any number of diseases. The affects even go past preventing disease, overall quality of life is improved. You feel better, have more energy, and look healthier. If America cannot do it for themselves, then they doom their children as well. If 1/4 of American adults die from heart disease now, imagine what it will be like in twenty years if these trends

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