Argumentative Essay On Alternative Energy

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Michael Herrmann
Prof. Kanieski
English 1020
29 September 2016
Rough Draft
The generation of electric power has evolved to include alternative energy, instead of being mainly sourced from the burning of fossil fuels. At issue is the reliability of alternative energy, specifically if wind and solar power can deliver the magnitude of power required by consumers. Many would agree that there are multiple benefits to choosing alternative resources over the use of fossil fuels, however, we should not be short sighted and switch too quickly to an unproven long term electricity source.
There are different types of fuel that fall under either fossil or renewable and each has its own distinct characteristics setting it apart from the other. Fossil fuels are those that emanate from changes in the atmosphere from the carboniferous era and entail gas, petroleum and natural gas, where they were formed from high pressure and drastic environmental changes. On the other hand, renewable energy is that which originates from materials that receive continued replenishment from nature and include sunlight, rain, tides, wind and geothermal heat. Fossil fuels Fossil fuels that include coal, petroleum and natural gas have their advantages in the world in which we live, and they have not just began
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Their major challenge lies for space consumed in their installation, when done in conventional space such as land, especially for wind and solar power, where they take up large tracts of land ( ). In addition, they suffer a significant amount of inefficacy due to lack of technological advancement, but are still claimed better than fossil fuels. However, despite mention of renewable energy being clean, it is not entirely clean because conversion of certain materials to energy release toxins to the environmental affecting it

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