Argumentative Essay On Adoption

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Families are formed in all different ways. Personally my family was created using open adoption and it has been an amazing and unbelievable experience. I was born in Boston, Massachusetts on March 25, 1999 to my biological parents Melody Chase and Mike Wall. However these are not the parents that took me home. Vivian and Kevin Hurton took me home on that March day and raised me to become the person I am today. My parents have provided me with everything imaginable and open adoption made this all possible. By definition open adoption is, “a form of adoption in which the biological and adoptive families have access to varying degrees of each others personal information and have the option for contact”. To me however open adoption goes so much …show more content…
Some people say that open adoption may cause the adopted child to feel unwanted by the birth parents. I feel completely the opposite actually, I feel greatly loved. I feel loved by my birth parents who made the smart choice for me by giving me the better life. I also feel loved by my adoptive parents who picked me up at the hospital and have raised me to the best of their abilities since. Another point people against open adoption people make is that it can cause a struggle with identity. American Pregnancy Organization even goes as far to say that, “As the child matures, he or she might experience a greater struggle with identity from trying to make sense of family history and genealogy information.” This statement could not be more inaccurate. I can speak first hand about how open adoption has helped my identity rather than hurt it. Family history becomes less confusing because you have access to all of your birth family 's records. Also if you 're unsure about something you can just ask your birth parents questions about the family history and genealogy, one of the substantial benefits of having an open relationship with your birth parents. Open adoption answers questions rather than making them and make the adoption experience much simpler and …show more content…
I don’t think many people realize the true amazing power open adoption has on all parties involved. It gave my birth parents a second chance at life while still having a relationship with me. Open adoption has also given me the ability to not wonder about my beginning which is something more powerful then it seems. Not having to wonder where I came from or why I was put up for adoption allows me to go on everyday without a second thought. Having the understanding of open adoption and experiencing it first hand has allowed me to go through life more thankful, understanding, and successful than I ever could have been

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