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Judaism is a religion that have been around for centuries. Many people practice this religion there are many different forms of this religion which includes Orthodox, Ultra Orthodox, Hasidic, Conservative, and Reconstructionist. Each group practice the religion a little differently than the other one. Orthodox Jews and Conservative Jews believe in most of the same ideas and is debated that they are the same. One person that classify as Jewish is Adam Sandler. Sandler was born into a Jewish family of Orthodox Jews. He currently still practice Judaism and classify as an Orthodox Jew. Sandler used to kept being Jewish a secret like many other Orthodox Jews.

From early childhood Sandler faced some problems of being openly Jewish. He
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Jewish people are usually democrat and they believe in their ideas and political views. However, Sandler in not like others, he’s actually a republican. As we saw from the quote being Jewish and a republican is rare and hard to come by. He is an active member of the political party, too. He donates money to a campaign that he would like to see in the office they are running for. He also performed at one of the convention in the past. His performances are a little racist toward Jews. He made a song that one would think would offend other Jews because of the content of the song. This was a hit and makes many people that watch it laugh, bt one would think it offends others. But the public will not hear about this. When he sings this he even laughs, so he knows it’s funny and he’s Jewish. One would think this would hurt him since he is Jewish. He makes jokes all the time when he performs about Jewish traditions. This is very different because we never here about someone discriminating their own …show more content…
God can look like the person next to you and could fit in society. A Pharaoh once said, “Who is the Lord that I should heed him and let Israel go? I do not know the Lord, and I will not let Israel go,” (Exodus, 5:2). This shows us that ancient people that were Jewish wanted to know God. The people in Egypt at the time were informed that there was a God and his power will have to be acknowledged. A little more recently, “One author, Richard Rubenstein, says that God died at Auschwitz, and Jews will have to go on with their stories and their rituals without God. Emil Fackenheim argues that, on the contrary, God is still present in history. He justifies this view by suggesting that it is as if Jews had heard a silent yet commanding voice from Auschwitz, giving them a new commandment, a 614th commandment to be added to the 613 in the Torah. This commandment demands that Jews remain Jewish lest they allow Judaism to die, thus giving Hitler a posthumous victory,” (ESPOSITO, page 132). This quote show us that there are people that believes God is dead and others that thinks he is still alive today, however we will never now. One who thinks God is dead has a good reason because they argue that if he was out there, he would of stop Hitler from what he did and God would of protected the Jews. One would have a good reason to argue that God is still alive because he added a new commandment and only God can do that. With

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