Analysis Of The Stolen Generations

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Being born and brought up in affluent families, we rarely have to go through excruciating pains and sufferings in life. However, Aboriginal kids were not so lucky. One by one, they were being forced out of their underprivileged families, following the government’s policy, to head for a brighter future with white families. Referred to as the Stolen Generations, such kids were suffering more than ever, as a result of what was intended to be a life-changing event for them.
In an attempt to lead the Aboriginal culture to an end, starting from 1910 until 1970, Australian government passed the brutal Child Removal Policy, allowing the removal of children from Aboriginal families and assimilating them into white families. During this time, around 10 to 33 percent of children were taken from their own beloved families, causing tremendous traumas and losses for many families.
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Due to the fact that the Aborigines suffered from alcoholism, drug addiction and high rate of infant mortality much more than any other Australians’ group, Aboriginal families were not considered capable of providing their children with an ideal and healthy environment for their growth and development. Thus, according to them, the Aboriginal kids taken away were actually given a chance to escape from their chaotic and destitute

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