Argumentative Essay : ' Liar, Liar ' Pants On Fire '

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“Liar, liar, pants on fire!” I’m sure you heard that one a few thousand times on the playground back in the day. It’s one of most the melodic yet taunting tunes that children have sung for ages, and at times, I still sing in my head as an 18-year-old college student. As we grow older, lying looks less like little kids fibbing to babysitters about what TV shows their parents let them watch, and more like a partner lying about who they’ve been with, or employees deceiving a boss about dishonest work. With all these newfound complicated situations, don’t you wish spotting liars could be as simple as singing a childish song? Unfortunately, even though there’s no new groundbreaking potion to make your boyfriend’s nose grow longer each time he lies to you, there are new studies that offer signs that you can look for to pick up on those sneaky little white lies. By training yourself to listen for certain nonverbal vocal cues in a friend, sibling, or coworker’s answers, you’ll be on your way to seeing straight through lies-- no lie detector needed!

Although I doubt many liars you encounter will have as daunting or suspicious of a voice as Scar from The Lion King, the tone of our voices can hold some deep secrets. In fact, it can give away if we’re lying or not. Communication researchers call these “leakage cues” and claim that our voices can reveal our true intentions. A study by Luigi Anolli and Rita Ciceri at the Psychology and Communication Center at Catholic…

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