Personal Essay: How Reading Made Me Popular

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How Reading Made Me Popular Has anyone ever told you that reading makes you a loser? Well, I am here to inform you that they are incorrect. At the young age of seven, I knew this statement was no longer valid, and it changed my perspective of reading. Before I realized all of this, everything was quiet for a brief moment, and I no longer was surrounded by shouts of, “Wow, Paige you are so dumb”, and taunting laughter that followed. Instead, I was now accompanied by half of my classmates with the biggest grin on my face feeling confident once again. All of my classmates were begging for my attention; Evan was even on his knees in those faded old blue jeans that were always undersized clasping his hands together. Each of them asked the same question, differently, and that was when I realized that if I increased my daily reading then I would become more popular. I knew in order to …show more content…
Playing tetherball to the point of having to be forcefully removed by Mrs. B. was also a frequent occurrence. She has already blown her whistle at me four times; that did not matter because I had to finish my tetherball game. Mrs.B came over using her daily route and pulls me off the tetherball court and straight into the cafeteria. We were the last two into the lunchroom and she places me right at the end of the massive lunch line. My daily temper tantrum starts right as Mrs. B. places me in line, and it lasts for the rest of lunch because the best part of the day was now over and I have to endure the lunch ladies taunting me about how I look just like Dora The Explorer. I despise my parents because of that horrendous haircut. When lunch came to a close we are directed back to our classroom, we all take a seat in our seats and also in the presence of a few adults who are going to perform a series of tests on us to determine our reading lexile

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