The Problem Of Homelessness

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What is homelessness? Many people will say it is when an individual does not have a house. However, is that its true meaning? Homelessness is a condition in which people live without a permeant dwelling. Those who are homeless cannot maintain a regular, safe, secure dwelling. This happens when the individual does not have an adequate income or employment that makes them earn them well enough to support them or their family. This is one of the foremost reasons that lead to homelessness. You see homeless people on the streets begging because they are unemployed and hungry. Since they are unemployed they are unable to provide for themselves. In most cases, they probably can’t even afford food. Although, the shelters and food pantries
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There can be several reasons they are unable to find work, these reasons include lack of education, have the necessary skills for employment, mentally or physically unfit to sustain employment even for short periods. They lack education because of their poverty but if the government had supplied that education, many homeless kids could have become world changers. I personally feel that the overwhelming homeless people in the world are caused by the people who rule it. If they had supplied an education or a job to those who were homeless, those people wouldn’t have faced with homelessness. The majority homeless people to get an employment they must be physically and mentally fit, however most homeless people are mentally ill. Today there are many metal health centers across the world. The problem with this is that those who get there do not get enough or any treatment. The centers were also highly unequipped for severe patients. Statistics show that 26 percent of homeless adults and children experience illness like these with no treatment. If the government had played more attention to these people they could have been more fit for …show more content…
The government and anyone willing to help should raise enough money to start a school for homeless children and adults. The school should give them a completely free education from pre-k – college for all ages. Furthermore, we should build a training facility where the educated adults get trained new skills that is needed for jobs in construction, manufacturing, mechanical engineering, etc. The next step is to give the educated adults a stable job that pays them enough to lead a stable life. Lastly, we should build apartments for them as they grow and gather enough money to start living on their own. Over time we should see a reduction in the number of people suffering homelessness across Westchester. Eventually, it should end homelessness in Westchester. If this method was to be used all over the world, I believe it would end homelessness in the entire

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