Social Categorization: Veiled Threats

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Nichole Gonzalez
March 7, 2018
Eng 116
Social categorization
Ever since ancient times, the idea of categorizing and labeling has been present in human history. Whether it be categorizing the fittest of early dawn of the human era to the current social labels, the notion of categorization has been ingrained in humans; and it has brought humanity to its peaks of inhumanity. Much in the sense of stereotypes, grouping people and labeling them a certain label is used to validate ourselves. What is one’s intention for wearing a veil? Is wearing a veil a threat? In this essay two articles that talk about Muslim veiling will be evaluated by looking at persuasion techniques, intended audience, and how successful they were with their articles.
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The main key of persuasion that was use was logos. Using facts and data to support her position. Nussbaum mentions many incidents where women who wear the Burqa are judged and mistreated for their way of clothing. Using historical figures such as George Washington as a supportive element was a critical part of her article. She also compares what many women in our communities come to do to meet the definition of beauty portrayed by men while calling the burqa an active of objectification by men in the Muslim communities; which is ironic. The core strength of argument was not a single point that was made; rather, it was the way she compared the arguments put against the burqa to existing cases that were similar. For example, she says “A fourth argument holds that women wear the burqa only because they are coerced. This is a rather implausible argument to make across the board, do the arguers really believe that domestic violence is a peculiarly Muslim problem? 52 percent of surveyed women said they were physically assaulted as a child by an adult caretaker and/or as an adult by any type of perpetrator. There is no evidence that Muslim families have a disproportionate amount of such violence.” Nussbaum also calls out the arguments she mentioned being discriminatory and unacceptable. In her article, Nussbaum’s audience seems be the arguers who put up the ridiculous arguments that have weak bases and irrelevant evidence. Nussbaum was very successful at making it clear that the arguers had no sense of justice in their

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